Agostinho Benedito de Almeida Sequeira


Lives in:
The Netherlands


Agostinho Benedito de Almeida Sequeira

  • studies at Conservatorium van Amsterdam, with Arnold Marinissen, Peter Prommel and Rachel Zhang among othersand at Conservatoire National Supe╠ürieur Musique et Danse de Lyon

  • 1st prize in the Portuguese Young Musicians Contest with percussion duo Metropolitana (2014); 1st prize in the 1st International Percussion Competition from Beira Interior (2016). In 2016 proclaimed Portuguese young musician of the year. 1st prize in the Gondomar international percussion competition (2018)

  • performed as a soloist with Gulbenkian Orchestra, Metropolitana wind and symphony orchestra; in 2017 he received a scholarship from the Jan Pustjens Foundation


TROMP 2020 - Programme phase 1:

Set up: Kevin Volans - Asanga
Vibraphone: Gunter Lege - Oh Clock "Big Ben Quadrupled"
Marimba: Jan Bus - Solitude