TROMP Educational projects

Explore the world of percussion in our educational projects for composition students, college students and children.

TROMP is committed to the development of repertoire and the recruitment of young talent. For educational activities TROMP works with local partners CKE, Culturix, Cultuurstation, Fort van de Verbeelding, Kekketek, Percussion Friends and Percussie-Bussie. TROMP is also part of an international network of percussion teachers in conservatories.

Educational projects

Contact the TROMP Office for more information about these projects and availability.

TROMP Self-made Schoolyard Orchestra

The TROMP Homemade Schoolyard Orchestra is a project open to all groups of primary education (including toddlers). It is a musical event that is designed to fit in with the character of the school. A challenging project as part of the TROMP Festival. A musical celebration for children, teachers and visitors.

The project will take place at the school and involve the students making music with unusual instruments. A common characteristic of all the instruments used is their accessibility: children do not need any prior musical skills in order to take part. The workshop teachers will provide cement tubs, tuned scaffolding pipes, tuned beer bottles, shakers, tubes and boards. These will be combined with singing, rapping, clapping and stamping. Each group will be given a total of two hours of (music) lessons; first as individual groups and later together with other groups.
In conclusion, all participants will join forces in a schoolyard concert for an audience of parents, neighbours and friends. This will be theatrical in nature and will make use of the possibilities of the specific location.

Two workshop teachers will set to work at each school, supported by Fort van de Verbeelding, which presented the community art project Fanfare Dakar Eindhoven in 2010 as part of the TROMP Festival.

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Drum je vrij!

Freedom is a hot topic at the moment, with refugees and freedom of speech. Language often plays an important role in the matter. Music, and above all percussion, is an ancient language that everyone can speak and understand without much difficulty. The educational project Drum je vrij! by Percussion Friends in collaboration with TROMP, connects, stimulates cooperation and provides insight into other cultures.

Drum je Vrij I: April 13 & 20 , Eindhoven, De Driesprong, Petraschool
Drum je Vrij II & III: May 18 & 25, June 1, 8 & 25, Eindhoven, De Driesprong, Petraschool

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TROMP 2018 featured a live show full of action and reaction and many beautiful listening moments with music by fantastic composers such as Ravel, Shostakovich and Kabalevsky. The concert let primary school students dicover the challenging world of the great classical symphony orchestra and the rhythmic drive of Percossa. Because these young visitors actively contributed to the concert, a good musical preparation at school was an absolute condition. Digital teaching material consisted of short films by the conductor and the Percossa percussionists: singing along with the song Uptown Funk and the tune of the quiz, or moving along with body percussion.

In preparation for the philharmonie zuidnederland concert with Percossa in the TROMP 2018 festival, Percussion Friends gave extra workshops with the various possibilities of percussion and body percussion. This Percussion Friends programme at school was a short version of the Drum je vrij! educational project. The concert of philharmonie zuidnederland with Percossa was a spectacular conclusion, to which the students made an active contribution.

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In November 2013, students from three schools started the Trompbot project. In total, nearly 100 students of the Dr. Knippenberg college (Helmond), Jeroen Bosch College (Den Bosch) and D'Oultremont College (Drunen) were building a drum robot. In 2014, VMBO students also had the opportunity to engage with music through a technology project: two classes of the Fioretti College also built their TROMPbots.

The students accepted an impressive challenge: ‘Construct a drum robot, make a percussion instrument, compose a rhythm for multiple percussion instruments and programme a combined performance together.’ 

Curious about the results of this project? Visit the website or download this short video to get an impression.

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Youth Jury

College students from the Lorentz Casimir Lyceum in Eindhoven choose their own winner during the TROMP competition. Five students form the youth jury and get instructions from the chairman of the international expert jury. They follow the participants throughout the competition and write a jury report for each candidate. In the Finale the youth jury awards their winner with 'The Annelie', worth € 1.000 made available by the Friends of TROMP.

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TROMP composition competition

Composing for percussion can be described as a unique art form. Young composers studying at the Dutch conservatories take on the challenge of writing a brand new piece for percussion. All entries will be performed by fellow students during TROMP and an expert jury selects a winner. You could call it the ultimate in being at the forefront of new music.

Jury TROMP Composition Competition 2018:

Marijn ten Harmsen van der Beek (chairman), Mayke Nas (composer), Bert Palinckx (director November Music), Davo van Peursen (director Donemus Publishing), Janco Verduin (composer)


Leon Haxby (Conservatorium van Amsterdam) - Splat-The-Rat

  • I. Who Even Needs Trees Anyway?
  • II. Four-Hoofed McMonsters
  • III. The Corporate Menace

Performers: Bence Csepeli, Yifan Du, Elias Blanco del Prado, Dàniel Bolba Agostinho Sequeira, Nicolò Foron (conductor)

Karmit Fadael (Royal Conservatoire The Hague) - Paringsdans
Performers: Antoine Josselin, José Silva

Eveline Vervliet (Fontys AMPA Tilburg) - Spiegel #2
Performers: Ines Lacerda, Pedro Paixao, Leonardo Cavalho, Stan van Rixtel

Simon Knighton (Conservatorium van Amsterdam) - Seven Stages of Man

  • I. Infancy
  • II. Schoolboy
  • III. Teenager
  • IV. Soldier
  • V. Justice
  • VI. Old Age
  • VII. San Teeth, Sans Eyes, San Everything

Performers: Yifan Du, Kobus Prins, Sekou van Heusden & David Kuijken (piano)

More information about the Composition Competition in TROMP 2018.

Photo: Karmit Fadael, winner of the composition competition 2018

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