Semi-finalists announcement

Elliott Gaston-Ross, Nikolay Ivanov, Yung-Tuan Ku, Luca Staffelbach, Kai Strobel, Hannah Weaver, Fabian Ziegler and Oliver Xu in semi-finals

Monday night the jury announced the selected participants for the semi finals: Elliott Gaston-Ross (Great-Britain), Nikolay Ivanov (Bulgaria), Yung-Tuan Ku (Taiwan), Luca Staffelbach (Switzerland), Kai Strobel (Germany), Hannah Weaver (USA), Fabian Ziegler (Switzerland) and Oliver Xu (USA). Wednesday November 14 and Thursday November 15, the participants perform a solo recital with the new compulsory work Cinderellaby Mayke Nas.

Since last Friday, 28 of the most talented percussionists from all over the world have been competing to gain a spot in the semi finals. The international jury of TROMP 2018 includes Michael Burritt (USA), Martin Grubinger (Austria), Momoko Kamiya (Japan), Arnold Marinissen (The Netherlands), Mark Pekarsky (Russia), Emmanuel Séjourné (France) and Ruwen Yang (China). November 18, three finalists will perform Daníel Bjarnasons new composition Concerto for Solo Percussion and Ensemblewith Asko|Schönberg commissioned by TROMP. Besides awarding prizes, TROMP offers its laureates various concert engagements.

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