Canto Ostinato courtyard concert great succes!

Canto Ostinato performed with Marimba's and vibraphones created a beautiful synergy of mesmerizing sounds and magical vibrations.



On July 12th the first summer concert took place in the beautiful courtyard of DomusDela in Eindhoven.
The sunshine, outdoor atmoshpere and magical sounds were the perfect ingredients for a memorable afternoon.
TROMP winner Dominique Vleeshouwers performed Simeon Ten Holts Canto Ostinato together with Ramon Lormans, Vincent Houdijk and Maikel Claessens on 2 marimba's and 2 vibraphones. Resulting in a variety of mesmerizing sounds and intense vibrations.

To give as many people as possible the opportunity to enjoy this life concert, the Canto was performed twice!
Both times were sold out with an audience that fully enjoyed this masterpiece in the cozy courtyard.

Eindhovens Dagblad wrote a beautiful review of the concert.

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