Agostinho Sequeira wins TROMP 2020!

Second prize goes to Nozomi Hiwatashi and the third prize to Meng-Fu Hsieh

Jury announces the winner of TROMP 2020

Agostinho performing Your Trash! as a hologram

Nozomi performing Ko-tha l as a hologram

Meng-Fu performing Toccata in e minor BWV 914 as a hologram

Prize winners at the TROMP International Percussion Competition Eindhoven 2020:

First Prize, € 15,000: Agostinho Sequeira (Portugal)
Second Prize, € 10,000: Nozomi Hiwatashi (Japan)
Third Prize,  € 7,000: Meng-Fu Hsieh (Taiwan)
Jan Pustjens Press Prize, € 2,000: Agostinho Sequeira
Friends of TROMP audience award, € 3,000: Agostinho Sequeira

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The 22-year old Agostinho Sequeira from Portugal won the First Prize of the TROMP International Percussion Competition 2020 in Eindhoven. 
Agostinho Sequeira (1998), born in Portugal studies at Conservatorium van Amsterdam, with Arnold Marinissen, Peter Prommel and Rachel Zhang among others and at Conservatoire National Supérieur Musique et Danse de Lyon.
He won the 1st prize in the Portuguese Young Musicians Contest with percussion duo Metropolitana (2014); the 1st prize in the 1st International Percussion Competition from Beira Interior (2016). In 2016 he became a proclaimed Portuguese young musician of the year.
He won the 1st prize in the Gondomar international percussion competition (2018). He performed as a soloist with Gulbenkian Orchestra, Metropolitana wind and symphony orchestra and in 2017 he received a scholarship from the Jan Pustjens Foundation.

As a musician who grew in Lisbon, studies in Amsterdam, and is currently living in Lyon, I´ve been working and meeting percussionists from all over the world which are a reference for our "instrument".  
I had a very complete training touching all the points of percussion from orchestra playing to african drumming, a big experience in working on big mallets and set up pieces and always trying to innovate and bring new repertoire to public.
I´ve participated in eight competitions getting a total of six first prizes and recently reached the top 8 in ARD International music competition.


More news

    Marijn ten Harmsen van der Beek is stepping down as chairman of the Tromp Music Biennale Foundation

    The TROMP team and cooperation partner Muziekgebouw Eindhoven are very grateful to Marijn for his dedication, enthusiasm and the important results!

    Agostinho Sequeira wins TROMP 2020!

    Second prize goes to Nozomi Hiwatashi and the third prize to Meng-Fu Hsieh

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