Agostinho is getting noticed!

In this podcasts he tell you everything about the challenges that come with an online competition during a pandemic, performing live at Podium Witteman and Bimhuis and his interview in Adams magazine

Agostinho Sequira is getting noticed even more since winning TROMP 2020.
Recently he was a guest in the @Percussion podcast where he share his experience taking part in a competition during a pandamic. And the challenges of recording the pieces between lockdowns and quarantaines and not being able to record at the intented location. He also mentiones how TROMP helped him to open new doors and how it makes him feel to perform without an audience.
Last month he went on a jazz tour when he performed live at Reinier Baas' relief party.
Next stop was Podium Witteman where Paul invited Agostinho as his 'young hero'. He played the 3rd movement of the piece I ching.
To read more about Agostinho's Portugese roots, his passion for music and his plans for the future make sure to check out his interview in Adams Magazine.




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