18 Nov 2022
Toonzetters @TROMP

Toonzetters @TROMP


Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, Kleine Zaal

Twenty young Dutch composers make themselves heard during a special concert experience designed by them. Developments on the musical front-lines are moving fast, both artistically and technologically. Composers are finding new ways to appeal to a larger audience, 20th-century 'taboos' such as tonality are no longer an issue, there is again plenty of flirting with old traditions and at the same time the use of electronics is becoming more and more mainstream. Different styles and characters, from neoromantic to indie rock on piano or jazzy electronics, pass by at a rapid pace.

For an hour, a vivid portrait of music today unfolds, brought by four great young musicians with hypnotic film images by Bowie Verschuuren and directing advice from Jos van Kan.

The 20 composers:
Alexandre Kordzaia
Arjan Linker
Boris Bezemer
Bram Kortekaas
Celia Swart
Dimitri Geelhoed
Frieda Gustavs
Julian Schneemann
Jan-Peter de Graaff
Karmit Fadael
Martín Mayo
Mathilde Wantenaar
Melle Heij
Nils Davidse
Nuno Lobo
Primo Ish-Hurwitz
Ramin Amin Tafreshi
Rick van Veldhuizen
Thomas van Dun
Tijmen van Tol

Agostinho Sequeira (percussion)
Arjan Jongsma (percussion)
Ramon van Engelenhoven (piano)
Shane van Neerden (piano)





Toonzetters @TROMP

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