Agenda - TROMP events

Nov 10, 2022

TROMP 2022 Sneak Preview




Nov 11 - 12, 2022

TROMP 2022 Competition 1st Round


The kickoff of the TROMP International Percussion Competition 2022. During the first round the most talented percussionists compete for a spot in the Semi Finals.


Nov 12, 2022

TROMP 2022 Festival opening - Jungle by Night


For more than ten years, Jungle by Night has been heating up dancefloors with their cross-cutting music. The rhythm section of the band will play many percussion instruments. Special guest: Agostinho Sequeira, winner of TROMP 2020


Nov 13, 2022

TROMP Family Concert by Percussion Friends


Percussion Friends is doing the TROMP educational program for schools in Eindhoven, entitled Drum Je Vrij ('Drum Yourself Free')


Nov 14, 2022

TROMP 2022 Competition 2nd Round


The kickoff of the TROMP International Percussion Competition 2022. After the first round, all candidates will perform in the Second Round on the marimba. Hereafter, the jury will select 8 candidates for the Semi Finals.


Nov 16 - 17, 2022

TROMP 2022 Competition Semi Finals


The remaining participants premiere a new compulsory work for solo percussion commissioned by TROMP. Brilliant recitals with a thrilling conclusion as the jury announces the finalists.


Nov 17, 2022

TROMP 2022 Composition Competition


Young composers studying at the Dutch conservatories take on the challenge of writing a brand new piece for percussion.


Nov 18, 2022

A New Dawn - Dominique x Binkbeats


TROMP presents A New Dawn - Dominique x Binkbeats


Nov 18, 2022

Toonzetters @TROMP


How does the music by today's composers sound? Toonzetters is a kaleidoscopic concert by twenty young Dutch composers with a prominent role for TROMP 2020 winner Agostinho Sequeira


Nov 18 - 19, 2022

TROMP Percussion Sessions


TROMP Percussion Sessions, a brand new two-day event during the TROMP Festival on the 18th and 19th of November 2022.


Nov 19, 2022

Percussions de Strasbourg, 100 cymbals


TROMP presents the famous project with 100 cymbals by Ryoji Ikeda and Percussions de Strasbourg


Nov 20, 2022

Finale TROMP 2022


Finale of the International TROMP Percussion Competition 2022 - three finalists and Asko|Schönberg


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