Yung-Tuan Ku


Lives in:
The Netherlands


Yung-Tuan Ku

  • studied at the National Taiwan Normal University with Jer-Huei Chen (Bachelor, 2010) and the Conservatorium van Amsterdam with Victor Oskam, Peter Prommel, Gustavo Gimeno, Arnold Marinissen, Ramon Lormans, among others (Master Cum Laude, 2015)
  • scholarship Jan Pustjens Foundation for music theatre project Mimocussion (2016); Willem Vos Award for the best rendition of a composition by a Dutch composer TROMP 2014; 2nd prize and Adi Mootz prize with Insomnia Percussion, International Percussion Competition Luxemburg (2012)
  • performed with Atlas Ensemble, Nieuw Ensemble, Lunatree, Ives Ensemble and Amsterdams Studenten Projectkoor, Boi Akih, among others

1st Round:
Friday 9 November
16.05 - 16.25
Kevin Volans - Asanga
Gérard Pérotin - Etudes pour Vibraphone No.5 and No.6

2nd Round:
Monday 12 November
12.10 - 12.20
Ton de Leeuw - Midare

Semi Finals:
Jack BodyCircle of Solitude
Hugo Morales Murguía
Mayke Nas - Cinderella
Leo Svensson SanderThe Man Who Ran (arr. Yung-Tuan Ku)
Norio FukushiGround for solo percussion