Oliver Xu


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Oliver Xu

  • studies at the Eastman School for Music with Michael Burritt, James Ross, Charles Ross, and Rich Thompson; nominated for the Performer’s Certificate
  • master classes with So Percussion, Doug Perkins and Nancy Zeltsman among others
  • semi-finalist TIPC Taiwan International Percussion Convention Competition (2017); semi-finalist Great Plains International Marimba Competition (2015), among others
  • performs with the Eastman Percussion Ensemble, Eastman Philharmonia, Eastman Wind Ensemble, Musica Nova, among others

1st Round:
Saturday 10 November
10.40 - 11.00
Kevin Volans - Asanga
Philippe Manoury - Le Livre des Claviers: IV. Solo de vibraphone

2nd Round:
Monday 12 November
13.40 - 13. 50
Jacob ter Veldhuis - Barracuda (solo version)

Semi Finals:
Alejandro Viñao - Khan Variations
Mayke Nas - Cinderella 
Johann Sebastian Bach - Chaconne from Partita No. 2 in D minor (BWV 1004)
James Wood - Rogosanti