Luca Staffelbach


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Luca Staffelbach

  • studies at the Zurich University of the Arts with Klaus Schwärzler, Raphael Christen, Martin Grubinger and Rainer Seegers
  • master classes with Katarzyna Mycka, Eric Sammut, Filip Mercep, Leonhard Schmidinger, Keiko Abe, among others
  • 1st prize Schweizerischer Jugendmusikwettbewerb (Swiss Youth Music Competition, 2013); ‘Schweizer Meister Klassik Platten’ SDPW Swiss Drummer- and Percussionists Competition (2009)
  • performed with Martin Grubinger’s Percussive Planet Ensemble and performs with the Colores Quartet, ensemble Schnappe Percussion and Blasorchester Stadtmusik Luzern, among others

1st Round:
Friday 9 November
16.25 - 16.45
Iannis Xenakis - Rebonds B
Bruce Hamilton - Interzones

2nd Round:
Monday 12 November
14.50 - 15.00
Arnold Marinissen - Totem I & Totem II

Semi Finals:
John Psathas - One Study One Summary
Mayke Nas - Cinderella
Kevin Volans - She who sleeps with a small blanket